How to access the website when it is blocked?

How to access the website when it is blocked?

There are numerous instances where users are uncomfortable surfing the web but are restricted or blocked when restricting website access. It could be social networking sites, video sharing sites, or information sites about entertainment. There are many reasons why websites are blocked, but accessing blocked websites will make users uncomfortable. They are constantly looking for a way to get to the blocked website in order to access the information they require.

It is critical to understand how to use the website. Because many users are now experiencing difficulties when accessing websites or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. So, what is the most efficient method for accessing blocked websites? Continue reading the article below.

Many forums have come up with really effective ways to access websites to assist users in the process of accessing blocked websites. There is:

Method 1: Use an IP address to access a blocked website.

Users could previously only access the blocked website via the URL. There have previously been many other effective methods of access, such as the method of access via IP that we are about to introduce below.

Why is accessing the website via IP more efficient? The main reason for this is that many websites only block the URL and not in any other way.

You only need to perform operations to open Command Prompt (Windows operating system), Terminal, and other programs with this method of access (with other operating systems). Enter the command “ping website need view IP” and press Enter to execute to be OK.

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Some software and applications only block the URL of a website rather than the IP address. As a result, you can access blocked websites by entering the IP address in the website address bar and following the steps below:

Step 1: Open Terminal on OS X or Command Prompt on Windows and look for the IP address of the blocked website. Then type “ping,” where X is the URL of the blocked website.

Step 2: Record the full IP address of the recently discovered blocked website.

Step 3: Instead of entering the URL address, view the blocked website using that IP address.

Method 2: Use Google Mobile Search to gain access to blocked websites.

The next “fire barrier” way we want to introduce to you is to access the website via Google Mobile Search. This is considered one of the most useful ways to access blocked websites. Specifically, how does it work?

When you use Google Mobile Search, you will notice that the interface looks exactly like a real website. As a result, you can easily access blocked websites. However, you should be aware that Java code and CSS capabilities will be disabled.

While a small percentage of people prefer to use Vietnamese websites, the vast majority prefer foreign websites. As a result, the keywords with the highest search volume in recent times are ways to access foreign websites.

Method 3: Use a web proxy to gain access to a blocked website.

When using a web proxy to access a foreign website, you will be placed in anonymous mode, allowing you to freely surf the web without fear of being detected. Before you can access the website’s admin page, you should purchase a gmail domain name and create a consistent account for yourself.

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There are numerous free proxy websites that allow users to browse anonymously. You can easily access blocked websites by using these proxy sites. Simply go to the proxy website and enter the URL of the website you want to access.

What is the procedure for this? When you use a proxy to access a website, you are connecting to the server’s proxy rather than the website itself. In addition, the server’s proxy is linked to the website’s destination. As a result, all you see is the proxy server’s cached version of the page.

You can use proxy sites such as or Proxery, or if you want more options,

Method 4: Use IP hiding software to gain access to blocked websites.

Recently released IP hiding software is of consistent quality. So you can be confident when using them.

There are numerous free IP hiding software options available on the market today. We recommend using paid software if you want to use features like checking or adding manual proxies.

Method 5: Use the TOR browser to access websites that are blocked.

Tor is a browser that allows users to browse the web anonymously and prevents users from developing bad browsing habits. Furthermore, this browser protects user privacy by preventing location tracking.

To use it, users must first download the Tor browser and then install it like any other application. Then launch the app and click Connect to connect to Tor. This is one of the most basic and effective methods for unlocking blocked websites that people today use.

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Method 6: Open a Blocked Website Using Public DNS

Certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use DNS changes to restrict access to specific websites. To access blocked websites in Vietnam or elsewhere, use Google’s public DNS to circumvent Internet service provider restrictions.

Method 7: Use Google Translate to access blocked websites.

Google Translate (Google translate) is a website translation tool that allows users to translate any content on a website from one language to another. However, if you enter the URL of the blocked website into Google Translate, you may not know. The blocked websites will then be converted to another language if you choose Translate. Select Original in the View section to return to the original language; this allows users to experience the blocked website in their preferred language.

The suggestions above are for quick and easy access to websites or access to blocked websites. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about email server services, website security, or how to buy cheap hosting, etc., please visit Bkhost’s blog! I wish you success and a wonderful experience.