How to design menus in Word simply


How to design menus in Word simply

One of the topics that many young people are interested in is designing menus in Word. Because, in addition to text, the Word program allows users to create visually appealing menus. So that’s how to make menus in Word. This section will soon show you from A to Z how to create a free menu in Word. Let’s go with you!

Creating a beautiful menu design is not as simple as you might think. This form necessitates knowledge of software such as Ai, Photoshop, and others. If you are not a professional designer, you can use Word menu design. This solution has numerous advantages that you should not overlook:

Simple user interface, simple to use, and quick operation

Fonts and sizes vary.

Add images that are simple to edit.

Can design a variety of beautiful menus for restaurants, bars, etc.

It is free to use.

The Benefits of Creating Menus in Word

It is not easy to create a beautiful menu design. This process necessitates a working knowledge of design software such as AI, Photoshop, and others. However, even if you are not a professional designer, you can easily create menus in Word. With the following significant benefits, you simply cannot overlook this menu design method:

The operation is straightforward, and the Word interface is simple to use.

Fonts, sizes, and colors vary.

When necessary, easily edit, add images, and categories.

Create one-of-a-kind and visually appealing menu items for restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, and other establishments.

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The MS Word program is completely free to use.

How to design menus in Word simply

With the use of normal text and coordination with other functions such as creating tables, decorating frames, .. you can design menus with Word for free. Specifically, how to make a menu in Word on a computer is as simple as this:

Step 1: Format the paper size for the menu

The paper size format will help you determine the right design size. Depending on your needs, you can format the paper size for the menu by:

Click the Layout item, then select Page Setup.

Select the desired paper size and format the margin spacing. The commonly used menu type is the size of A4 paper (21×29.7cm), the distance between the margins is 2cm. In the process of designing menus in Word, you can flexibly size according to your preferences.

Step 2: Enter the content for the menu

Enter text for the menu using a regular text editor. Each category is a line, press Enter to break the line. You can use Copy/Paste function to shorten menu design time with Word.

The font of the menu can be customized according to each person’s preferences. However, you should also choose fonts that are easy to see and read. Font size can be flexibly selected based on the number of dishes or services on the menu.

Step 3: Orientation for the menu title

Highlight the text “menu” and click the center align button on the toolbar. To make the menu title more impressive, you can change the font style, font color and font size accordingly.

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Step 4: Set prices for menu items

Tick ​​all the categories lines, choose Format and Tabs. Then do the following steps in turn:

Tab stop position: Enter the number of centimeters you want, for example, enter 17cm to place the Tab mark at 17cm.

Alignment (Start position of the dotted line): Select Right, create Right Tab to right align the prices.

Leader (Format when clicking Tab): Select 2…. to create dots from category to price.

After selecting, press Set to create a Tab. Continue to press OK to finish placing the Tab marks.

Place the cursor after the last letter of the list line. Press the Space-bar key to create a small space and press the Tab key to move the cursor to the Tab position. In this location, enter the price for each category.

Step 5: Format the menu category

To design a beautiful menu in Word, do not skip the step of formatting the categories. You can make the following changes in turn:

Change the font style, font size by ticking all lines of the category. Then, select the font style and font size on the toolbar.

Check the overall menu to reformat the line spacing by going to Format and choosing Pragraph. Then you need to scale them to the size of the selected paper size.

Step 6: Create a border for the menu

Decorate the menu by creating a simple border. Click the Format menu, select Borders and shading, and select Page Border. Then, do the following in turn:

Select a Box border

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Choose a style for the border

Choose a color for the border

Choose the size of the border

After making the selection, click OK to finish designing the menu in Word.

Just now, you have been guided in detail on how to design a menu with extremely simple Word for free. With just a few basic steps, you can immediately own a menu template as you like.