How to make a news website with WordPress?

How to make a news website with WordPress?

How to make a news website with WordPress?

Making money with a website is one of the most long-term ways to make money online if done correctly.

Many people choose to create a news website to make money because the traffic to news websites is extremely high.

Although the main goal of this article is to teach people how to create a news website, and I’m sure you’ve done some research before deciding to go with a news site, I’ll also provide some useful information about making money with news websites.

Google Adsense, Ezoic advertising, Sponsored Post, Facebook Audience Network, and Affiliate Marketing are all common ways to make money with news sites, which I will discuss further at the end of the article.

Advice: the field of media – news is very sensitive; if you spread false, misleading information, particularly information about health or politics, it is very easy to “enter the stone house.” As a result, I recommend sorting by topics like entertainment, jokes, football, technology news, car news, beauty news, and so on.

1. Basic WordPress Website Configuration

Regardless of the type of WordPress website, such as news, blogs, businesses, or sales websites, basic components such as a domain, hosting, and source code must be present.

As a result, you must finish the installation of a basic WordPress website.

2. Download and install the WordPress News Theme.

You can access the basic WordPress website after installing it, but the default interface will look very ugly and cheap, right?

Now it’s up to you to turn it into a news site!

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Fortunately, there are many beautiful pre-designed WordPress news themes.

You only need to install it on your website and tweak it a little to have a professional and visually appealing news website right away!

Newspaper is the most beautiful, user-friendly, and widely used news theme, with which I will guide you in creating a news website.

Wait, are you looking for a free Newspaper theme to download? If so, stop right now because you are introducing malicious code to your website that has been pre-installed on widely shared online themes or plugins. Your website will eventually be hacked, redirected to xxx site, or have a bad backlink attached to it.

To purchase the original Newspaper theme, go to themeforest and search for the keyword Newspaper.

The theme will then be downloaded by clicking the Download button.

You will be sent a zip file.

Return to the WordPress admin page and install the theme on the website using the instructions for installing a WordPress theme (Option 2).

3. Configuration of the WordPress News Theme

The advantage of using Newspaper is that you only need to import the demo website and slightly modify it after installing and activating the theme to get the beautiful news website you want.

Newspaper has created a library of over a hundred pre-designed news website templates; simply select your favorite and follow the instructions below to import it into WordPress.

Follow the steps below to install the WordPress Newspaper theme as seen in the demo.

You navigate to the Newspaper >> Install demos menu, then browse and preview ready-made website templates before selecting your favorite.

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Then, to import the demo, click the Install button, making sure to select Include content so that all images and text are identical to the demo website.

If you want to remove the demo, return to Newspaper >> Install demos and then click the Uninstall button to remove it from the website.

You will have a gleaming news website after installing the demo, as shown above. Simply spend some time messing around with WordPress if you want to edit or update content.

You already have a news website; the first time you should focus on publishing content and promoting the website in order to gain traffic, i.e. visits. When traffic is light, you can sign up for the following income-generating programs.

  • Earn Money Through Google Adsense Ads
  • Earn money by using Ezoic ads
  • Advertising lease
  • Obtain a sponsored post.
  • Audience Network on Facebook
  • Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Inclination to create a news website

Based on my own experience and the information I have gathered, I will provide some guidance in developing a news website.

Choose a specialty.

You should not build a website that covers everything. Because you will face giant competitors such as vnExpress, kenh14, and major newspapers.

It will be extremely difficult for you to SEO or promote your website in order to gain traffic.

Instead, you should choose a niche, such as football, cars, computers, and so on.

This allows you to go deep and easily become the top website in your chosen field, making SEO easier.

Concentrate on creating compelling, high-quality content.

The majority of your time and effort will be spent writing and publishing articles for your website.

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To grow quickly, you must be quick to catch the trend while still ensuring separate development.

Do not turn your website into a boiling cauldron.