How to optimize website conversion rate?

How to optimize website conversion rate?

How to optimize website conversion rate?

Take advantage of channels associated with customers

A typical website has quite a few ways to interact with users, such as instant live chat, email marketing, blogs or social media channels like facebook, twiiter…  However, there are still some points of contact. different contact between website and customers for better efficiency

* Make a title and write a compelling description:

Titles and descriptions are the first thing customers encounter on your website. When they are not attractive, the rate of customers skipping website links will be very large, which directly reduces website traffic and indirectly reduces the conversion optimization rate for businesses.

To check the number of clicks to your website, you can use the Google Webmaster tool (Traffic > Search Queries) to check the click-through rate for certain keywords of the website your business is ranking for, for fine-tuning. when necessary.

Usually, this tool suggests that the average position of a keyword on your website is in the top 10, but the click-through rate for the keywords is low, which means that the title and intro of the website needs to be in the top 10. must be more precise.

* Free shipping product and display it on website

How you ship your products to your website visitors is an important factor in conversion optimization. Because according to the general psychology of customers, it is a bad feeling to have to pay an extra amount for the product shipping process. You can perfectly grasp this factor, and implement a few simple strategies to attract guests.

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For example, your website will ship free of charge to customers with invoices of how much or more, if below that number, how to collect shipping.

Especially remember to make this detail visible throughout your website, with simple instructions on how to place an order, how to pay, and free product shipping.

This will be a very good complement factor to help increase the conversion optimization rate.

* Improve website speed

One big advantage of using the internet is that it makes shopping more convenient. According to SEO experts, a good website is a website that has a loading time of no more than 5 seconds. If your store’s page loads too slowly, not only will your customers be upset, but your Google rankings may also suffer.

Google Page Speed ​​is currently an effective website speed test and analysis tool. After thoroughly analyzing the elements of your website, this tool will show you a specific list of speed problems that are occurring and give you useful tips to help your website sell. Your website is optimized, your website loads faster, and your bounce rates are reduced, as well as more useful traffic.

* Use the Pingdom. tool

Pingdom is a great place to start web analytics and is seen as a pretty good alternative to Google’s tool. All you need to do is enter the URL for Pingtom to check your page’s load time, analyze it and find out the cause of the congestion.

* Use appropriately sized images

Any online image needs to have no more than 1,000 pixels to display well. And any drawing or editing operations beyond that range will just be a waste of precious time. You can either update the appropriate fixed zise for the images displayed on your website once, or compress your images using sites like TinyPNG or JPEGOptimizer.

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JPEG looks better than PNG Having high-quality images displayed on the website is an ideal plus to make your pages more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

However, JPEG images take less time to upload than PNG, and image loading time plays a very important role in optimizing your conversion rates.

If you can’t find the right JPEG image or are fascinated by the sharpness of PNG, use TinyPNG to locate, arrange, and compress large images. Simplify checkout on your website Checkout is probably the weakest point of websites in conversion optimization.

Here are some great ideas to help you:

* Customer incentives at checkout. This will be a big favor for many online shoppers. Because usually, the first step a customer needs to take when checking out the cart on the page is to create an account. And remember, 58.1% of shoppers decided to cancel their cart right at this step.

So, if possible, remove this constraint and provide another payment method for customers who do not want to create a login account on the website.

* Display the security seal: Let your visitors know that your website is safe, and their private information is kept up to date. This is an important advantage you should have, to retain customers on the website, as well as show class and superiority compared to rival pages.

At the same time, extend the time of displaying the security seal throughout the website, to further increase customer trust for your pages and products on the store.

* Offer a variety of payment methods Offer your customers as many payment methods as possible. Thus, not only bringing convenience in the payment process of customers, but also helping your website have the opportunity to become a high-class partner of major credit brands.

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* Optimized for mobile devices

Due to Google’s algorithm update, attention has been paid to accessing the website on mobile devices. Right now, make sure your website is optimized for mobile as mobile audiences are trending and growing, and here’s what you need to know:

A perfect website design must meet the condition that the website will display correctly on all devices. This is really a huge benefit when according to Google research 74% of mobile users choose to use a search engine with the intention of making an online purchase and 85% of them intend to make a purchase. within 24 hours.

Let’s hit hard on this great element, focusing on perfect design, smart interface, easy, friendly operations to be optimized for all customers who are deciding to convert, completely.

* Provide easy payment method

Focus on convenience, fast speed when checking goods, paying customers’ expenses with a smart feature. This is the key point to make a difference and class, helping to shorten the time to check, order, pay, avoid the trouble that makes customers leave the page right in the first payment steps.