How to Set Up a Google Ads Account and Run Google Ads Ads on Your Own

How to Set Up a Google Ads Account and Run Google Ads Ads on Your Own

How to Set Up a Google Ads Account and Run Google Ads Ads on Your Own

1. What exactly is Google Ads?

Google Ads, according to Google, is an advertising program that allows you to create online ads that target people who are specifically interested in the products and services you offer. Google ads can be used to promote your company, sell products or services, raise awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

According to Wordstream, Google Ads is an online advertising solution that helps businesses appear in Google search results or on websites in Google’s advertising network (Youtube, Gmail, network). display, etc.)

Google Ads appear in Google Search search results.

Google Ads also allows advertisers to specify specific goals for their ads, such as increasing phone calls or website visits. Advertisers with a Google Ads account can customize their budget and targeting, as well as start and stop advertising at any time.

So, if you want to do Online Marketing, this is a must-have solution.

2. Prerequisites for deploying Google ads

To be able to run ads on Google, you must first prepare the following three items:

Gmail account that is active: To run Google ads, you must first have a Gmail account. Sign in to your Gmail account if you already have one.

Website: You must have a website with content that complies with Vietnamese laws and Google’s advertising policies in order to deploy ads.

Visa/Master/Momo wallet: has an international payment function. SEONGON will go over payment card requirements in greater detail in the sections that follow.

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3. Create a Google Ads account and launch your first smart campaign.

Continue with the steps for running Google Ads ads, then go to the Google Adwords ad creation page, select start now, and sign in to your gmail account.

Once you begin, Google will redirect you to an interface that will walk you through the process of creating a new smart campaign. If you do not want to create a guided campaign, you can switch to the expert interface by selecting the expert mode.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how to run Google Ads ads, let’s go through a step-by-step guide to creating an account in order to understand the most fundamental elements of a Google ad campaign.

Step 1: Establish your advertising goal.

Set advertising objectives for your company. You can select one of four objectives. In this step, you must clearly determine which goals your company is best suited for.

Increase the number of calls to the company: Choose this goal if the majority of your new customers come from the phone.

Increase your website’s sales or leads: The majority of your business is conducted online (orders, registrations, etc.)

Increase the number of customers visiting your physical location: Select this goal if you want customers to visit your physical store.

Increase your YouTube views and interactions by doing the following: If you have a YouTube channel and want to grow it or increase video views/interactions for other marketing purposes, select this goal.

Step 2: Provide company information

Set up your company: Fill in the blanks with your company name and website address.

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Google will scan the website, find the business information, and return the displayed image of the website on mobile and computer after you enter the business and website information.

Step 3: Create an ad template.

In this section, Google will instruct you to create an ad with three headlines and two descriptions. Google currently allows you to use up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions with a search ad template. As a result, once Google’s instructions are complete, you can add a title and description.

Step 4: Include an ad theme

Add the ad themes that you want to use. Google also displays the topics that it deems relevant after scanning your website. Themes can be added, removed, or edited to suit your needs.

Step 5: Arrange for ad placement

Create zones where you can provide services. There are two options that you should consider:

Set up location by radius: Geolocation is limited to your radius.

Set up custom specific locations: If you provide services in multiple locations or have branches in multiple locations, you must add more of those locations in this section.

Step 6: Create a budget and go over your settings.

Determine the campaign’s advertising budget. You have the option of using the suggested budget or entering your own.

Then, go over your smart campaign’s complete settings.

*Note: Up until this point, you have a general understanding of the most basic Google Ads functions. After completing the account registration step, you should pause the smart campaign because it is unlikely to produce the best results for a new account.

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4. Establish advertising payments

To run Google Ads ads, you must have a bank card with international payment capabilities, such as a Visa/Mastercard or a Momo wallet. You should be aware of this feature because domestic ATM cards will lack the international payment function, preventing Google and Facebook ads from running.