How to Setup Email on a Computer Using a Domain Name

How to Setup Email on a Computer Using a Domain Name

How to Setup Email on a Computer Using a Domain Name

Email is now an essential component of online communication and marketing. We will show you how to create a domain email address to promote your business and increase credibility in this tutorial.

With the anticipated increase in mobile devices, checking email will take less time than ever before (fun fact: more than half of all email worldwide is opened by mobile devices).

Today, more than 90% of adults in the United States admit to using email on a daily basis. As a result, email marketing is an indispensable tool for reaching a large number of customers.

Email is an important tool for business owners to use when communicating with potential customers and partners. As a result, having a personal, professional email address is critical.

To create an email account by domain name from scratch, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Research and purchase a domain name

First and foremost, if you want to use a domain name for email, you must first know where to purchase a domain name. There are numerous providers to choose from, so only use a reputable, ICANN-certified provider. Use the domain checker to select a domain from the list of 22k:

You can also recommend related domains or good domain names for me. Then add the domain name to your cart and checkout. So you’ve already got a domain name.

If your hosting package included a free domain name, you can skip this step and use your existing domain name to create domain-specific email! Continue reading.

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Step 2: Select an email hosting service.

Now that you have a domain name, you must select an email provider. At Hostinger, we offer a wide range of email hosting services, from free to premium.

You select one of the two types of email hosting services:

The hosting package includes free email hosting. When you buy a web hosting package from a company like Hostinger, you get free email hosting. You can make use of its free personal email creation service.

That is, if you already have hosting, you can create email under your domain name right away by following the instructions in step 3. There is no additional cost.

High-quality email hosting. In addition to the free email hosting included with the hosting package, you can upgrade to a premium email hosting service to gain more features, send more emails, and access a variety of other tools to improve your workflow.

After you’ve decided on one of the two email hosting options listed above. In the following step, you will learn how to create email by domain.

Step 3: Create email using the domain name

The steps will differ depending on the email service you use. We will show you how to create email by domain name from available hosting packages and email by name with professional email hosting service in the sections below.

Method 1: Use the email service included with the hosting package to create an email with a free domain name.

Depending on the hosting package, you can get one or more email accounts by domain name.

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Here’s how to set up a free domain email address:

  1. Sign in to Hostinger.
  2. Click Manage in the Hosting section to access the hPanel hosting management page.
  3. In the Emails section, select Email Accounts.
  4. Scroll down to the section titled Create a New Email Account. Enter your email information, such as your email address and password and press the create button.
  5. You can access your email by clicking on the webmail link.

Method 2: Use a professional email hosting service to create emails by domain name.

For email creation by domain name, we support two different business email solutions. These solutions meet a higher demand that the free email package in hosting does not.

Business Email Bundle

  1. Invest in a Business Email package.
  2. Open the email setup interface and click the Setup / Setup button.
  3. Configure email by domain name
  4. First, enter the domain name under which you want to create email. To finish the installation, follow the instructions in the members area.
  5. Finally, you’ll be taken to the email management page, where you can enter the email address for which you want to create the mail box and access the webmail.

Corporate Email Bundle

This solution will support many tools and can send more emails, making it ideal for large businesses that need to create emails for their employees.

The process for setting up a company email is similar:

Purchase the Corporate Email package.

In the control panel, click the settings button.

Configure corporate email

Enter the domain name for the email address. To finish the installation, follow the instructions in the members area.

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Create an email account and begin sending messages.

Step 4: Initial email address configuration

Create email with your own domain step 4: configure email

Before you begin using email, you should personalize your email address so that it appears professional:

If you own a business, you can set up multiple multi-purpose mailboxes.

When conducting outreach via email (contact potential customers). You’ll need another email because personalization is essential for running a successful email campaign.

According to email open rate research, approximately 60% of recipients determine whether to click on or ignore an email address.

The signature is another way to improve the readability of your email. You can include important company information in the contact section, as well as a logo and email address, to increase brand visibility.

There are numerous free tools available to assist you in creating professional and eye-catching emails. Among them are:

HubSpot’s email template generator

Once created, copy it and paste it into your email settings. If you use Hostinger webmail, for example, you can do this in Webmail Settings Identities.

make an email signature

Step 5: Install email software on the device.

You can use email software installed on your computer or electronic device for centralized management if you have multiple email accounts or want to make email management more convenient.