How to use Wix to design a simple website for beginer?

How to use Wix to design a simple website for beginer?

If you’re looking for a platform to use for a website or to start your own blog, Wix is a must-have tool. So, what exactly is Wix? How can Wix be used to increase efficiency? Please seeĀ  article “How to Use Wix to Design a Simple Website for Newbies” for the solution!

1. What exactly is Wix?

Wix, also known as, is a platform that allows users to create online websites by dragging and dropping elements. Wix integrates with HTML5, and users simply need to create an account to use Wix tools. As a result, users will be able to easily design a website or blog.

Wix now has over 100 million users and is present in over 190 countries. You can use it for free if you only use the basic features. Furthermore, if you want to use features and more advanced experiences, you must pay for Wix, such as using your own domain name, removing Wix logos, and adding other features for an e-commerce website…

2. Wix advantages and disadvantages in website design

Wix’s advantages over other website design platforms

It is in the applications that it brings, and the vast majority of users have clearly demonstrated the following outstanding features:

Make use of simple features.

Wix distinguishes itself from other software by allowing website creation through simple drag-and-drop operations. This app’s tools and features are combined in an easy-to-use manner. As a result, it is very convenient for users to design and edit website interfaces quickly and easily. Simply edit the page management section to add new pages to the website’s navigation.

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There are currently over 510 website templates available on the Wix platform for a variety of industries including tourism, technology, education, real estate e-commerce, and more. and they all have sample data available. Simply choose the interface you want, update the content and images, and you’re done.

Get the most out of your tools.

Wix’s platform includes a library of tools to help with website design in the most efficient way possible. There are over 300 apps available here, some of which are free to use and some of which require a fee. Furthermore, when users encounter difficulties with Wix applications or features, there is a help section. If you have any questions, however, you can easily contact the technical team via email for answers.

Many e-commerce features are supported.

Wix users can easily create an online store. Wix’s Online Store has a large selection of online store designs that are easy to use.

On the other hand, you must upgrade to a paid plan in order for users to pay online, but unlike other e-commerce solutions, this platform does not charge a fee for user sales.

Aside from Wix’s numerous advantages, this application also has drawbacks such as:

Free plans with numerous restrictions: Most people can access the platform for free. Furthermore, with the free plans, users will be unable to use their own domain name on the website, and regular ads and many important functions will be displayed.

Paid plans are quite pricey: if users want to create their own website and domain name, they must upgrade some other features of the application.

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On app support: website platform, apps, and apps for drawing the atmosphere

3. Instructions for creating websites with Wix

Choose Wix. tool manual interface

To create a website with Wix, you must first complete the following six steps:

Step 1: Create a user account at When the process is finished, you must restart the website’s initialization. In this step, you can select one of three interface types:

This format is commonly used for websites.

The type of interface has the same features as on the website, using blogging.

Finally, this interface is used for the same way as when selling on e-commerce sites.

Step 2: Choose the right interface for the web, there are many interfaces for you to choose from.

Step 3: Design and edit content types.

Step 4: After you have edited the types of content as you want, then publish and save, so this is a very modest guide to using Wix web design.

After the website has been initialized with the sample interfaces, the system will guide you to libraries of hundreds of items so that you can preview or edit, through operations.

Once you’ve chosen the parts to be edited on the website platform, simply click “Edit this site” on the right side of the screen to begin editing.

There will be many tools in the design tab to help you easily edit images, colors, and fonts using drag and drop.

Add more third-party applications.

Linking with guests, such as Facebook, Google Instagram, or Google Adsense, is critical if you want to increase visits.

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The following are our posts about “How to Use Wix to Design a Simple Website for Beginners.” Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to create your own website in the same manner.