What is a landing page? Typical types of landing pages

What is a landing page? Typical types of landing pages

What is a landing page? Typical types of landing pages

To increase conversion rates in campaign marketing, marketers frequently use the phrase landing page or landing page. Not only does the landing page provide maximum support for businesses to use sales accounts, but it is also linked to help businesses get closer to functional sellers. What exactly is a landing page? How do you make a landing page? Let’s find out in the following article with Webboloba.com.

1. What is a landing page?

What is a landing page? A landing page is essentially a single website (microsite) with its own domain name. Customers can access all of the product’s important information here, such as design, features, highlights, promotions, and so on. The landing page’s unique feature is that customers can quickly register, buy, and sell with just one click.

2. What is the distinction between a website and a landing page?

When customers click on it on the website, they will be presented with a variety of information streams such as menus, sidebars, news articles, related news, and so on, before arriving at the landing page where they can take action. micro conversionThe landing page will almost entirely lack external links (except for the link to open the information registration / sale box). And the entire process will take place on the landing page, from product discovery to purchase registration.

As a result, in marketing, the conversion rate of landing pages is frequently praised in terms of both quantity and quality. A landing page is not only an intermediary to help customers access your products, but it is also a way to direct customers to your website, where they can perform actions such as chat chatbot, call hotline, comment…

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3. Typical types of landing pages

Most landing pages serve the same purpose: to entice customers to convert. In fact, depending on the product and purpose of the business, there are numerous types of landing pages; however, the two most common types of landing pages are:

landing page for sales (Sale landing page)

The landing page gathers customer information (Lead generation landing)

There is also an introductory landing page, a lead collection landing page, a conversion landing page, and so on. These landing pages will take the following formats:

Customers who click on the item will be taken directly to the landing page to follow the customer’s purpose, which is linked in sections on the website. When you click on the ad/promotion pop-up as soon as the customer visits the business website. These landing pages are usually constantly updated with new promotions, vouchers, or discount codes for customers to choose from. Create a landing page that functions as a standalone website with its own domain name.

The content overview will include all of the product’s important information. Landing pages of this type may also include links to the company’s main website, but the majority will be used to sell or collect customer information. So, before deciding to create a landing page for your business, you should define the goal of creating a landing page in order to select the most appropriate type of landing page.

4. Some frequently asked landing page questions

In addition to the answer to the question “what is a landing page?” provided above, here are a few other frequently asked questions about landing pages.

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4.1 What should you consider when creating a landing page?

When the interface is user-friendly, the content is clear and provides all necessary information, the traffic is high, and the conversion rate is high, a landing page is considered effective. Take the following steps to accomplish this:

How to create a clear, appealing landing page title (title) for the correct advertising purpose (Great promotion, OFF 50% +++…) to increase customer attention. The layout of the landing page is user-friendly, and the content should be relevant to the product and the implicit needs of the customer. The information/purchase registration form should be straightforward, with basic information such as: name, phone number, gmail address, location… The videos and images on the landing page must be visually appealing. Customers should be highlighted and retained when they visit.

With the Ladipage application, you can easily create your own sales landing page on Sapo Web.

You want to create a landing page but have no idea how to code? Don’t be concerned! The LadiPage application will assist you in creating your own Landing Page by simply dragging and dropping…

4.2 Methods for Creating a Landing Page

Your business landing page can be designed in the following ways:

On free websites, use: Visit well-known websites like Ladipage.vn, Wix.com, WordPress.org, and Google Site… You will be helped to create free landing pages here. However, you will be severely limited in terms of features, and you will usually be required to pay after a single period of use.

On paid platforms, use: You only need to buy a domain and pay a monthly fee to design and have a landing page in your hands with this method. However, you must pay the full fee or your landing page will be “discolored” immediately.

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Make your own code: This is also one of the options available to many people. You can customize everything to your liking using this method of creating a landing page. While you will save money on monthly maintenance fees when compared to paid platforms, it will cost you a lot of money to find, train, and pay employees instead.

Creating a landing page on the app: This is a bonus feature for customers who use reputable website design services. When you have a need, these units will usually integrate you with landing page applications that will link to your website. This way, you can easily and conveniently design the landing page by actively synchronizing the programs on the website with the landing page.

I hope the information above will assist you in determining the best marketing strategy for your company.