What is a Search Engine? Top 10 most popular Search Engines in the world

What is a Search Engine? Top 10 most popular Search Engines in the world

What is a Search Engine? Top 10 most popular Search Engines in the world

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Up to this point, Search Engine has been associated with our lives, making it easy for us to find the information we need. This article will introduce Search Engines, how they work, as well as take a look at the 10 most popular Search Engines in the world today.

What is a Search Engine?

Search Engine (Web Search Engine) – Vietnamese called Search Engine – is a system used to search for information on the Internet.

Simply put, Search Engine is a website where users type the word or phrase they want to learn into the search box to see the results are web pages, images, videos, addresses, maps, documents. whether, etc. is related to what they are looking for.

The words or phrases that the user types are called keywords. The displayed results related to that keyword are arranged in a specific order, determined by a specialized algorithm of the type of Search Engine that the user is using.

When doing SEO, you must keep in mind that each Search Engine has a different algorithm. Depending on the Search Engine that you target, you need to carefully research the ways of keyword ranking, website ranking of Search Engine to come up with an effective SEO strategy.

How to Search Engine Works?

Although different in the sorting algorithm, most Search Engines have a similar operating method. The working mechanism of a Search Engine consists of three steps: crawling (collecting data), indexing (organizing data into a repository) and retrieval (data retrieval).

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Every Search Engine has to go through this basic stage – crawling from every website on the internet. First, search engines will visit any website to scan and get data of that page. Then it will follow the links (links) in the page to reach other related pages. As a result, all websites on the internet will be recorded into Search Engine’s system.


The indexing process takes place immediately and parallels the crawling step above. When indexing, the Search Engines will rearrange the acquired data into its storage hardware. With Google Search, it’s a supermemory of tens of thousands of hard drives with a total capacity of up to petabytes (1 petabye = 10 billion gigabytes). All information is stored here so that it is ready to be extracted as soon as anyone types something into the search box.


When receiving a user’s lookup request, the Search Engines will retrieve the information stored in the database, sort the results found, and display a list of answers for us. The Search Engines rely on two criteria to evaluate the order of search results: relevance and popularity. The search results related to your request are given priority, then the popularity of each result is considered.

However, each different Search Engine has a different assessment of relevance and popularity. This is the difference in search algorithms of each search engine.

This retrieval process is also the main subject of the intervention of SEO tricks. Through SEO, we make the Search Engine algorithm appreciate a certain search result and change its ranking in the list of final search results.

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The popularity of Search Engine varies from country to country

Today, when we want to search for anything, we immediately think of Google. That’s because Google Search already has over 70% market share worldwide. However, in some countries and communities, Google Search is not a top choice.

For example, the default search engine of Chinese people is Baidu and in Russia it is Yandex. In Vietnam, although Google Search is still leading the market, a large number of users prefer Coc Coc – the Vietnamese homegrown search engine.

Therefore, SEOs need to clearly research the market they want to target to know which is the most popular search engine. From there, it is possible to optimize keywords appropriately with the algorithm of each type of Search Engine.

The most popular Search Engines today

The following is a ranking of the popularity of Search Engines based on the number of users worldwide. The data refer to NetMarketShare’s statistical data for Search Engine on desktop for 1 year (from February 2017 to January 2018).

1. Google Search (74.56%)

It’s no surprise that Google Search tops this list with a 74.56% market share. According to real-time statistical data, every second there are more than 65,000 searches through Google.

2. Baidu (10.49 %)

As China’s official Search Engine, Baidu is used by most of the country’s internet users. So, although not so popular in the international community, Baidu has the 2nd highest number of users on the ranking of the most popular Search Engines.

Baidu users are not only in China, but also scattered in Korea, the US and some other Asian countries. With a large market and many similarities, Baidu is an extremely potential audience for SEOers to target.

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3. Bing (7.98%)

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Currently, the tool is used by default by the search system and virtual assistant Cortana on Windows 10. Bing is ranked 3rd in the list with 7.98% of global internet users.

4. Yahoo! (5.41%)

5. Yandex (0.79%)

6. Ask (0.27%)

7. DuckDuckGo (0.21%)

8. Naver (0.12%)

9. AOL (0.04%)

10. Dogpile (0.04%)


Above is a list of the 10 most popular Search Engines in the world today by the number of users worldwide. And as mentioned, this popularity depends on each country and specific community. SEOs need to carefully study the tastes and characteristics of each user group, thereby developing the right SEO strategy.